Canon Secure Printer issues

If you are receiving an error of "Unable to print" when trying to print secure to the Canon Copier:

First, try restarting the computer (click start -> shut down. Then turn the computer back on and log in)

If the above does not help, then:

1. Click Start and then click Devices and Printers

2. Right-Click the Canon Secure printer and choose Remove Device

3. Confirm by clicking Yes

4. Log off and log back on

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  1. Jessica Wiedmeyer
    27 August, 2018

    I am unable to send a document to the main staff printer located in the staff room (at Fair Park) to be printed. Can you please have this fixed by the time I am back in my clinic Wednesday morning.

  2. Deanna Orlofski
    02 May, 2018

    When I go to print, it asks me for Department ID and PIN. This has been happening since yesterday.


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