Canon Secure Printer issues

If you are receiving an error of "Unable to print" when trying to print secure to the Canon Copier:

First, try restarting the computer (click start -> shut down. Then turn the computer back on and log in)

If the above does not help, then:

1. Click Start and then click Devices and Printers

2. Right-Click the Canon Secure printer and choose Remove Device

3. Confirm by clicking Yes

4. Log off and log back on

  1. Jennie Robinson
    05 September, 2019

    When I tried to print today, I received the following message "User authentication failed" I did try to restart, and right click on Cannon Secure Printer, but my options on the right click were not available.
    Thank you,
    Jennie Robinson

  2. Jessica Wiedmeyer
    27 August, 2018

    I am unable to send a document to the main staff printer located in the staff room (at Fair Park) to be printed. Can you please have this fixed by the time I am back in my clinic Wednesday morning.

  3. Deanna Orlofski
    02 May, 2018

    When I go to print, it asks me for Department ID and PIN. This has been happening since yesterday.


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