Disconnected from WiFi periodically

During our transition to secure WiFi, if you notice you are often being disconnected from the network, do the following to resolve it:

1. Right-click the WiFi icon in lower-right corner and choose "Open Network and Sharing Center

Image result for windows 7 wifi icon right click

2. After the window opens, click Manage Wireless Networks on the left

Image result for windows 7 manage wireless networks

3. Right click the "WBSD_Wifi" network and choose "Remove Network"

4. Left-click the WiFi icon again, which now looks like this: Image result for windows 7 wifi icon

5. Connect to "WBSD"  (NOT "WBSD_WiFi")


  1. Amy Wiskirchen
    15 February, 2019

    My student teacher, Molly Waech, is using her own personal computer since she has not been assigned one. She is struggling with the internet going in and out. We need to find away that she has access to the WBSD Wi-Fi.


  2. Cassandra Yamaguchi
    04 January, 2019

    I can sign in on the genetec security desk but the intercom is not working, and I can not let people in.

  3. Eric Coombs
    06 August, 2018

    My computer is not connecting to the wifi at all. I will be leaving my computer on my desk in the band office (1210C) for the rest of the day and all of tomorrow (Tuesday)

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