SmartBoard Dual Calibration

Sometimes a SmartBoard will lose calibration and the normal Orientation procedure does not fix it, requiring "Dual Calibration".

The typical symptom is a "step" in a horizontally drawn line usually occurring in the upper right quarter of the SmartBoard:

To perform Dual Calibration, follow these steps:

1. Open the SMART Board Tools Control Panel:
Click the Start button, then Smart Technologies, then Smart Tools, and then Smart Settings

2. Click the About Software and Product Support tab, click Tools, and then click Diagnostics.

3. Click the menu item View and then click 600 Series Setup
(a button bar appears)

4. Click the Dual Calibration button

5. Use the SmartBoard pen to trace the three lines on the Smartboard

6. Click the Automatically Calibrate button

7. Click Save and Exit

You can nor close all the windows and your SmartBoard should function correctly

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