Student that cannot access Canvas

I Have a student in my 6th hour Culture of Healthcare Class that cannot access my class or calendar;

Laysha Diaz

165/62 is the class number.  Can you please get her in?



  1. Patricia Noonan
    30 March, 2020

    Yes, I have gotten work from her now, thanks!

    Ms. Patricia Noonan
    West Bend East High School
    Science Teacher; Biology, Chemistry, Culture of Healthcare, PLTW Certified in Principles of Biomedical Sciences & Biomedical Innovations

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  2. Curtis Marquardt
    30 March, 2020

    Hey Patty,

    Do you know if the student's issues are resolved with this?

    Thank you,


  3. Curtis Marquardt
    27 March, 2020

    Hey Pattie,

    Can you find more out what she means? When I log in as her I am able to see your class just fine. Does she know it is called TCCULTHLTHCAR on Canvas?


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